The Change

The change – 27 mar 2009
At October 10th 2007, one and half year ago, I have retired from Intel Israel LTD, after many years of having the dream of becoming an official artist.
I have begun to practice myself, to enhance my abilities, and to get the creativity out of myself. For that I have decided to concentrate in three ability aspects, in which if I have trained myself a lot. To gain to my first mission of becoming a real unique artist.
First – to draw and draw and draw as much as possible.
Second – to experience myself in compositions and ideas which are not tight to the "norm" concepts – I have achieved it also by dealing with copper etching technique.
Third – to better understanding the 3D - by curving soft stone – making the reliefs….
In the drawing "your command is my wish" I feel that I have made the breakthrough of becoming a real mature artist.
It means that I have more patience, I pay more attentions to details, and I better deal myself with the composition.
Now I’m on the right wave, I hope, and in the next stage (not in certain time) I will return to the oil painting – which will best reflect my artist abilities.

So it be - Yudi

Your command is my wish

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